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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website Content Management System. It allows for rapid creation and management of websites & blogs.

WordPress allows users to take control of their content by allowing them to edit every aspect of their website without having to write code or have a deep understanding of web technologies.

It is one of the easiest tools to use to manage your website and has a huge community that creates Plugins & Themes to expand its core functionality.

WordPress is used in over 74,652,825 Websites and counting. All those websites are supported by the WordPress community which provides security patches and continual improvement updates.

WordPress also support full blown eCommerce solutions so you can build an online store with minimal input required. Thanks to WooCommerce plugins.

The possibilities with WordPress are almost endless and that’s why we stick with WordPress.




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Why our clients love WordPress

For our clients, WordPress allows them to save Time and Money. Initial costs to get a WordPress website up and running are minimal and ongoing costs and time to manage the website are low.

Our clients love WordPress as it is easy to use and provides simple user interactions in the backend that provide amazing results on the front end all without having to know how it all works.

We also save our clients a lot of money in start up costs as we are able to pick from our database over 1,000 premium responsive themes and adjust them to match our client brands exactly.

WordPress is also fully modifiable and allows us to build Templates, Plugins and Functionality from scratch for that special something.

A tool we ship with every site we create.

Visual Composer page builder plugin for WordPress – lets you take full control over your site. Build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag and drop builder – no programming knowledge required.

Experts in WordPress Design, Development & Hosting

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