Deliver your content to your users FAST.
No matter their location or Quantity.

Using CDN from Verbazend you can ensure your clients receive your content and media Fast, Secure and Hassle Free!

With the ability to deliver content from 52+ Data centres around the world including streaming content and large files.

Either stored within your website or within a central repository with ability to maximize caching to ensure that even if your website becomes as popular as Facebook, your users still get the content they want fast!

How does it work?

When users normally visit your website, any images, scripts and styling files that are used to generate your website on the clients computer are downloaded when the user goes to your website.

A normal website can have between 10 and 50 things to download on a single page just to render it.
Multiply that by 100 simultaneous users and that’s already 5,000 files your website has to deliver to your users concurrently.

This is where a CDN comes in very handy.
We setup our Content Delivery Network to look at either your current website, another website location or a central repository to find the files your users have requested.

All that is needed to work is to adjust the links within the pages of your website to point to the CDN instead of the local website. For WordPress there a plugins that can do this for you automatically.

You can even use your own domain in the link (ie, where is your website).

Requests are then handled by the Content Delivery Network leaving your website to only think about delivering 1 copy of the files to the CDN (where your website remains the source of the files) and the webpage your client has requests.

The CDN network then keeps cached copies of these files and distributes them to upto 52+ data centres around the world.

Delivering my Entire website via CDN

If you want to ensure that no matter what, your clients receive and extremely fast experience on your website no matter the location on planet earth then Entire Website CDN is for you.

It works by making your websites URL (ie, point directly to the CDN.

The CDN then has a configuration that tells it where the actual website is stored.

When a user visits your website and the page is not unique to the visitor, it can be delivered from the CDN’s cached copy within a few milliseconds.

If a user then tries to login to your website, the CDN creates a cached session that allows this user to have their own unique experience with the website. While requests are still passed through the CDN, any unique content is requested from the website and stored in the unique session for the user.

This method of website delivery is still a relatively new concept for an entire website, but if you have a simple 1 page website then this will turbo charge your users experience.

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