Your friendly neighbourhood Super Heroes

We’re a unique team here at Verbazend. We have a broad range of skills from Hosting, Server and Network Administration, Sales, Development, WordPress Websites to Design and user interaction, tracking and more.

We support clients in Australia, Asia, Europe and America and can offer our solutions to world wide audiences.

We are proud of who we are and what we do, so let us show you what we can do for you and your website.

Pages Served per Minute
99.99 %
Uptime Records
38 TB
AVG Data transferred per month
1 Team
Dedicated to your success

Our Company Values

  • Security
  • Trust
  • Passion

We take Security seriously, after all, many of our clients operate online stores with hundreds of transactions per day. Our hosting network is physically secured in Tier III data centres and our VLAN network has secure firewall technology with DDoS protection at the network borders.

Unlike other hosting providers and development studios, Verbazend keeps its operations 100% within Australia.

We don’t have call centres in India, Our network staff aren’t based out of manila and we don’t sell our clients details to 3rd parties.

We do however have Australian staff that ensure our clients receive only the best support from us.

Verbazend is a unique place.

Our team have passion for what we do. We don’t go to bed happy unless our clients are taken care of.

We’re talking old school local store taken care of. Quality service, Quality results. No Bull.


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Our Values

Defining Who we are, What we do, How we do it.

Quality Team

Our team have amazing skills and in depth industry knowledge to ensure your project is a success.

Our team strives to impress no matter the situation.

Quality Work

We ensure that every project we work on meets our vast and stringent quality checks.
This ensures our clients receive only our best work.
(And if gives us a warm feeling inside)

Under sell, Over Deliver

This one speaks for itself. We don’t oversell ourselves but we often over deliver. This ensures our team is working efficiently to deliver quality work. Which in turn brings amazing results for our clients.

Our Leading Team

Some of our Team Leaders, these guys work hard day and night to ensure our clients are getting the high quality they expect from us.
One of our team members also ensures our office is insect/rodent/red laser dot free.

Andrew James


Andrew founded Verbazend in 2009. Since then, Verbazend has grown year on year and with that growth we have learnt allot.
But most importantly the clients we have worked with along the way have grown as a direct result of us working together to deliver results.

Joshua Reinoja


Josh has been with Verbazend from the start. Demonstrating to our clients how we can better their brand and image online, all the while proving that what he promises can be delivered by our team.
Josh works with both Development & Application Sales and Hosting sales, ensuring End to End functionality for your new marketing tool.

Sonya Audet


Sonya is our Lead Designer and is involved in almost every project we deliver. Her eye for quality design ensures our clients receive the highest quality work.
Sonya is one of the best artists we’ve seen and regularly brightens our days with new ideas and creations.



Nikki has been with us for over a year and ensures no tuna is left un-eaten and no soft spot is left un-slept on.
Although not great at building websites, or running our hosting network, or anything that doesn’t involve sleeping, eating and purring, Nikki brings many memes to our office, and she claims she invented grumpy cat.

Our awesome Partners & Suppliers

We work with the best to ensure our clients receive the best.

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